results driven content

Going to the local travel agent to book a holiday almost feels a little old-fashioned for many of us. It's not difficult to see why. Especially as the capability now exists to book a two week, all-inclusive trip to Mexico with tours and outings whilst we watch Eastenders.


Results driven content

Travel companies, and companies that offer various leisure pursuits now overwhelmingly market their services in the digital sphere. This has made having an intelligent content strategy more of a necessity than a luxury. One doesn't have to spend too much time on the internet before familiar articles start cropping up. Usually they are along the lines of, '10 best beach holidays in Europe', or 'The holiday essentials you didn't know you needed'. The travel companies sharing this content enjoy high levels of traffic back to their site because of it. Kontent Engine specialise in producing enticing, results driven content that piques the curiosity of readers. This makes them want to find out more about the website it came from.


Putting your business first

Kontent Engine are also able to provide intimate guidance with planning and reporting on marketing activity, social media advice and takeovers. Also for the content needed to make sure that when customers are booking trips and holidays, they come across your business first.



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