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The much talked about 'death of the high street' paints an overly pessimistic picture of what's really happening in retail. For every town centre shop that closes, an online one opens. The age-old quandary of how to attract more customers, is no longer solved by neon lights, and unrealistically proportioned mannequins. Instead it is by executing an intelligent and creative content strategy.


Premium content

Today, digital content acts as the shop floor assistant. As easily as an unhelpful shop-floor assistant can have shoppers heading for the exits, unhelpful content can have shoppers leaving websites as quickly as they entered.

Kontent Engine are skilled in producing premium content that boosts websites' search engine rankings and engages readers. Within the retail sector, the bulk of content needed may only be product descriptions. However, just because these usually only comprise of a sentence or two, it is critical that quality is communicated to the customer as succinctly as possible. To achieve this you need a copywriting agency which employs proven and skilled copywriters. You need Kontent Engine.


Comprehensive marketing plans

Kontent Engine have the experience and expertise to develop comprehensive marketing plans. They encompass everything from social media advice and takeovers, to product and business descriptions and campaigns. Always with the goal of having customers heading to checkouts with full virtual shopping carts.

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