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Time left until the GDPR becomes enforceable:



The new European-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing the Property and Lettings sector to think differently about how they operate. Crucially - as they deal with so much personal information - they must align their procedures and protocols with the GDPR guidelines.

Once compliant, companies and agencies will have to completely rethink their Marketing strategies. The days of posting leaflets and emailing e-shots are over. In order to remain visible and competitive, all those operating within the industry must develop strong Content Marketing strategies.


It is imperative that Property and Lettings companies achieve GDPR compliance. The regulation permits the UK Regulator, the ICO, to:

  • Carry out lengthy and intrusive audits
  • Ban companies from handling data (effectively ending their ability to operate)
  • Impose severe fines

Kontent Engine have worked with companies to:

  • Audit websites and highlight areas which contravene the GDPR
  • Create content which aligns with ICO standards of best practice
  • Re-writes of privacy and cookie policies
  • Guidance on opt-in communications
  • Creation of copy for correspondence with tenants/partners as to changes in communications after May 25th
  • Guidance on any additional GDPR-related questions you may have


Going forward with Content Marketing

The GDPR forces companies and agencies working within the Property and Lettings sector to completely rethink their approach to Marketing. Contacting people without having their consent to do so can result in severe penalties.

Marketing must be carried out in a way that encourages parties to contact you, without you having made first contact.

The way to achieve this is by boosting your websites SEO with intelligent and regular content. Your website must become a hive of activity with blogs, whitepapers, case studies and infographics being published regularly.

You must also develop a strong social media presence as this will become a key platform to attract new customers.

Kontent Engine specialise in producing sector-specific, SEO focused content and social media profile management.

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