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When we think of the legal profession we tend to think of extravagant wigs, antiquated statute books, and processes which are lengthy and bureaucratic. It seems particularly remarkable then how readily and competently the legal profession has migrated to the online environment, digitalising processes and communications along the way.

The websites of legal firms are subject to the same scrutiny from consumers as any other. Upon visiting a site they demand clear and concise copy that explains how a firm can work for them in a tone that is neither complicated nor condescending.

With law graduates amongst our copywriting team coupled with experience of producing content for the legal sector, we are better placed than most agencies to provide the voice for firms of all types and sizes.


Copywriting and content plans

Those seeking legal counsel now head for their smartphones, tablets and laptops to find the firms they feel are best placed to deliver justice. And they are met with an array of options.

The modern law firm needs modern marketing strategies and content plans to remain ahead of the pack. With law graduates part of the Kontent Engine team, we are uniquely placed to deliver these strategies and plans.

As effective as our plans are, it is our copywriting pedigree that gives us the edge. Kontent Engine have a track-record of working with legal clients delivering:

  • Brochures
  • Whitepapers
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Web copy
  • Newsletters


A clear and compelling message

The legal background we possess helps us to refine the language we use when producing content. However, it is our content marketing background that allows us to design premium content for legal firms, and how best to share it. In this respect, we believe we are uniquely placed to be articulating the voice of modern law firms. Always ensuring ROI is as strong as the message is clear, intelligent, and compelling.

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