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"Kontent Engine have become one of our most valuable partners. The content they produce is of a stunning quality, I can't recommend them highly enough."

- Will Kennedy, Solar Communications Sales & Marketing Director

At the Kontent Engine we are experienced in providing quality content across a wide range of industry sectors


Grounded in all things ICT related, we have deep knowledge and experience of producing material for a range of providers of tech solutions. From architects of e-Learning platforms to suppliers of Cloud-based technologies, they’ve trusted us to be their voice and continue to do so.


Financial technology is currently one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors. We have established great links with leading companies providing blogs, ghost-writing services, press releases, and downloadable books. The books have since been produced in hard copy.

People & Recruitment

Recruitment is another industry which has enjoyed great success in recent years. Working alongside some of Manchester’s leading firms we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the profession which allows us to produce a range ofmaterial with confidence and authority.


A keystone of most economies, manufacturing employs millions and without it we wouldn’t have so much as a chair to sit on. Kontent Engine have great respect for the industry and it shines through our content, keeping our manufacturing partners coming back for more.


Proof that our client base covers a most eclectic mix of industries. We have worked on a range of content, including a full brochure, for a leading Aerospace consultancy who themselves engage in multi-million pound projects for major airlines and conglomerates the world over.


If your business involves pistons, camshafts, turbos, ceramic brakes, and traction controls then Kontent Engine is the natural choice for all forms of copy. With experience of, and a passion for everything self-propelled, let our Engine breathe creative life into yours.


As a nation of shopaholics, the retail sector is one that can withstand the toughest of economic climates. It is a fiercely competitive and crowded market, and increasingly it is online that the battle for custom rages. Standing out requires a voice that differs from the pack.


In unprecedented numbers, those seeking legal advice turn to the internet first to find a firm that can adequately handle their grievances. With strong knowledge of the profession, Kontent Engine are able to produce content which is professional, engaging, and accessible.


Or 'fast moving consumer goods'. Food, drink, toiletries, all the products we purchase whilst 'on the go'. Businesses that specialise in FMCG understand the importance of snappy content that communicates their brand. Fortunately for them, so do Kontent Engine.

Travel & Leisure

The falling cost of travel and availability of leisure-focused accommodation has turned us into a nation of holiday-makers. Those businesses occupying space in the travel and leisure sector need content that differentiates them from the crowd. Kontent Engine provide it.


With first-hand experience of the education sector, Kontent Engine have an intimate understanding of the language and tone-of-voice needed to make an impression. Whether it's for educational centres or resource providers, we can provide a voice that resonates.

Property & Lettings

The Property and Lettings sector is having to make significant changes to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Kontent Engine have worked alongside companies to bring their procedures, protocols and content up to the requisite standard.