The ICT industry continues to grow and evolve at an exponential rate. For companies operating in this sector, this is very much a double-edged sword. Opportunities to acquire new business are abundant, but the market-place is crowded, and getting noticed is difficult. Content is more important than ever.

As one of the leading Manchester content marketing and copywriting agencies, we have worked closely with a number of ICT companies delivering outstanding and measurable success.


Exude authority

With the industry being particularly complex and technological, it is important that ICT companies exude a certain authority. New customers often feel wary about investing in a commodity they know and understand little about. It is vital that ICT companies communicate their message in a way that facilitates understanding and inspires confidence.

To achieve this, we are able to produce long-form, research driven whitepapers that are both accessible, and leave the reader in no doubt that it has been produced by a sector leader. These whitepapers can be fully researched by Kontent Engine or incorporate information provided to us. The finished product will be written to an outstanding standard and artworked in a way that is stylish and branded to your company.

Conversely, we have found our clients also want to project important information in a way that is digestible, and stands a strong chance of being shared many times over. In these instances, our carefully designed and stylish infographics have proved a popular form of content across websites and social media profiles. Again, content for these infographics can either come from the client or be researched by Kontent Engine. Like with all content we produce, the finished article can be fully branded with your company's logo and colourway.


Strategies and plans

Kontent Engine has established strong relationships with a variety of providers of ICT solutions. We have continually provided them with copy and content strategy plans that have produced outstanding results.

Our deep experience within this sector means that we have developed competency writing about various ICT-related products, and an expertise in how to embed this copy within modern marketing strategies.

How these plans are devised is completely up to the client. You can tell us exactly what content you'd like produced, we can collaborate on the plan, or we can take total ownership. Whatever you choose, on the agreed dates, you will receive content your competitors will struggle to match.


Content that gets results

We pride ourselves on producing copy that educates, entertains, and intrigues.

However, we also are very much commercially minded. We know that well-written copy isn't enough. It must also be created in such a way that it turns readers into paying customers. This means we have the flexibility to deliver on different types of content and marketed in different ways. It may be that you simply want blogs uploading to your website. Or, like other clients of ours, you prefer something a bit different. Perhaps a book to distribute to clients, or a professionally made video to share across social media.

Our understanding of the sales process, and the triggers which have people heading for the 'contact us' pages gives the content we produce an edge.

It's the reason our clients have come to understand and appreciate the power of great content marketing. And it's the reason they come to Kontent Engine to acquire it.


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