Due to the rapid turnover of FMCG, those companies that work within this sector require copywriting and content that delivers powerful messages creatively and succinctly.

It is also beneficial to have one copywriting agency who can meet all their content demands whatever they are, and whenever they need them.


Copywriting and social media

By their nature, consumables can be approached with a degree of playfulness. There are endless opportunities to produce content that can easily go viral. It can be in the form of clever and creative visuals and infographics. It can also in the form of copywriting that informs and educates.

FMCG products often also accrue large and loyal followings on social media. However, their ability to do this relies on the skill of content marketers who understand what customers like to see, and what boundaries can and can't be pushed. Kontent Engine are very much social media animals. We are skilled at building pictures of who your customers are, what they respond to, and what they want to see. From this platform we can create content that boosts followings and most importantly; sales.


Exceptional results

From the new companies who need help with launching a business and are marketing on a budget, to established brands that need a content strategy that consolidates their position within the sector, Kontent Engine have, and continue to deliver exceptional results.

Often, FMCG companies aren't looking for a measurable return on content. Many just want to produce both online and/or offline material that deploys outstanding copywriting. Material that tells a story and does justice to their products.

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