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With revamped EU payments regulations gradually coming into force, the fintech (financial technology) industry is booming. Products and services are becoming more customer-centric, and the focus for fintech companies is increasingly where to find expert social media advice. Moreover, how to distribute quality content, and how to plan a marketing campaign that will resonate with the public and achieve clear ROI.


B2B vs B2C

Fintech companies must pay particular attention to the types of content they distribute. Their B2B content must mark them out from competitors. They must appear slick, professional and cutting-edge. Conversely, their B2C content must be accessible, with the constant underlying message that their services are safe and secure. Delivering on these two distinct communications requires a great deal of expertise of and experience working within the Fintech industry.

These different content strategies then must be two-fold, and each needs to be presented with a distinctly different tone-of-voice and use of language. Kontent Engine can help at all stages of this content creation. Be it in a purely advisory, proof-reading role, to creating, art-working and distributing content.

As far as what content can be produced, there is almost no limit to what Kontent Engine can deliver on.

Sector experts

Fintech is a complex industry, made more so with ongoing and impending regulatory change. Kontent Engine have acquired deep experience of both the sector, and the intricacies of current regulation. This gives us a major advantage over our competitors. We are able to begin creating content in a short space of time, without having to spend time familiarising ourselves with all the industry entails. 

A quick turnaround time is important in most sectors. However, given the pace of change within Fintech, it is imperative. Receiving content late because those creating are held up familiarising themselves with the industry means your voice is one of the last to be heard on critical and current issues and developments.

It's a worry you simply won't have with Kontent Engine.


ROI hitting £1m 

Working with a number of fintech companies, Kontent Engine have developed an expertise of how to produce both B2B and B2C content with the focus always on ROI. The results we have achieved have been outstanding. The content strategy for one client has directly lead, so far, to over £1m in the sales funnel.

It is important to note that the £1m added into the sales funnel for one of our clients is just one example of the successes we've had. Albeit the most attention-grabbing. Aside from this we have delivered demonstrable ROI on a number of projects utilising a variety of different content types.

This is one of the main reasons we are so passionate about our craft. We know it can deliver outstanding results because the proof is there for anybody to see.




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