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"Kontent Engine are breath of fresh air. They understand their sectors inside out and as a result understand just how to use a blend of content to drive new business, and have really helped us achieve our sales growth."

- Chris Davis, Chairman of Dunlop Systems 

Great content marketing delivers results

Great content marketing delivers results. It's not studies that have convinced us of this, or any of the many experts. Rather it's been our own experience of working with companies that have trusted us to be their voice, and then watched as their businesses have grown. Across our website you will see testimonials of delighted clients. The infographic below shows why we receive such glowing feedback. Our content isn't just designed to read well and look good, it's designed to increase your customer base.


Straightforward, professional copywriting 

Sometimes, organisations that approach us aren't looking for content marketing. They simply have a product or service they want to sell and know the best way to sell it is through the use of words.

It might be something as simple as product descriptions. It might be a full, art-worked brochure. Kontent Engine deliver on all forms of copywriting whatever they may be and to a level that never dips below outstanding.


Real, measurable ROI 

The infographic below, illustrates a selection of the results we have achieved for just some our clients through intelligent, targeted content marketing and copywriting. Each example represents an ROI for that client easily measurable against their metrics.

Take it from the studies, take it from the experts, and take it from us; good content marketing works. Follow the link beneath the infographic to contact us if you would like similar results for your business.



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