5 Reasons to Rethink your Approach to Online Content

Here’s a question for those responsible for online communication and marketing: How could improving the quality of your website content generate profitable revenue for your business?

If this is something you hadn’t really considered, here are five reasons that might get you thinking.

What does your website say about you?

Whether they’re professional procurers or personal shoppers, when it comes to researching marketplace options, today’s generation of buyers is predominantly self-educated.

From the anonymous safety afforded by Internet research, they do most of their homework online, checking out what’s on offer and from who, comparing costs and specifications. Perhaps of most importance to them, is whether yours is the kind of businesses they would feel comfortable dealing with. This is why what’s written on your website is so important.

Keeping range, product and terms and conditions up to date isn’t enough. Your prospective customers want to find out about you, and what makes your business tick, so they can decide whether to choose you over the many other options out there. Put simply, the more informative, engaging and comprehensive your content, the more likely your readers will be to feel confident enough to take the first steps towards becoming a customer.

However, content copywriting, infographics and blogging doesn’t always come naturally to entrepreneurs and business leaders, and enlisting the help of a content agency can pay handsome rewards.

A bird in the hand……

It’s well known that it’s easier and more cost effective to increase the level of business enjoyed with current customers than it is to recruit and develop new ones. Despite this, many organisations devote much of their time and resource to new business generation, thereby creating the perception that customer loyalty might be being taken for granted.

Yet keeping customers feeling individually appreciated and part of a commercially important relationship becomes less of an onerous and time-consuming responsibility when the content of your website and online communications does most of the job for you.

By providing general insights and industry specific information in a variety of easy-to-digest formats including newsletters, blogs and visual updates that give information and background into what’s happening in your shared world, customers will come to rely on you as a trusted source of intelligence and look to you for insight and opinion, thereby cementing a mutually profitable relationship.

If you want help with copywriting, or in setting up and producing ongoing and effective online content, you would do well to turn to a suitably qualified content agency.

Where do you stand when it comes to search engine rankings?

Many marketers understand the importance of search engine ranking and how it impacts on the website traffic that creates prospect interest, prompts qualified leads and ultimately generates profitable sales. Yet there are still some for whom the positioning of a site within the search engine listings is something of a “dark art” and the result of unfathomed forces.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Site content written by someone with the ability to weave keywords and phrases into the copy, populate it with imagery and information, and support it with properly written case studies and updates will soon fire that website to the summit of SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

As any content agency will be quick to remind you though, all sites need frequent replenishment of content in order to maintain their dominant position on the SERPs, and thereby create the traffic that leads to future sales.

Keeping up appearances

Brand reputation is the sum of a number of interrelated factors: brand values, perception, positioning, voice, audience and promise. Whilst the brand’s physical delivery, consistency and real-time experience contribute hugely to its reputation, other, no less important, but just as tangible attributes can be maintained, managed and manipulated through effective online communication and interaction.

In this world of online reputation management, content is king. It can set or change parameters, manage expectation, give context to changes, reassure doubters, and launch new products within a virtual world where perception is the reality. After all, it’s far easier to build revenue streams from trusted brands and products than attempt to build your business on lesser items on the back of untried or positive reputations.

Your website can engage with its readers at a one-to-one level, enabling them to share the truths, insights and facts that can improve your brand’s status and enhance its life expectancy. When Heinz leaked its thoughts about axing its famous Salad Cream in the late 1990’s, it resorted to well-directed press releases and the lobbying members of the House of Commons to stir up reactions and ensure its survival. Today it would no doubt enlist a content agency to communicate its intention via website, blogs and social media.

Don’t let your guard slip

Effective communication is essential. Whilst most of us would claim to agree with that statement, trawling sites across the Internet makes it clear that some businesses don’t “get it” as well as others. Maybe those responsible for the websites simply fail to practice what they preach. Perhaps there’s a feeling that some sectors don’t need to be as on-the-ball as others. Or there’s a misconception that the payback from maintaining an up to date interactive facility doesn’t justify the effort.

One thing is for certain: a properly constructed site with well considered content will deliver visits, leads and ultimately revenue and profit to every business irrespective of its size or sector.


If you think that your online content could be improved, we’d be delighted to meet up and have a chat. At Konductor we have a team of accomplished writers educated to degree and PhD levels. Our working backgrounds cover education, business development, construction, and marketing. What we share is a passion for writing, and an unerring commitment to providing our clients with premium content and collaboration.

We also have our fingers on the pulse. We keep a steady eye on contemporary trends and new ways of sharing content. This means not only utilising social media, but doing so in a way that gets your organisation noticed.

We have developed strong relationships with trusted providers of video and animation. This means the breadth of content we can deliver can satisfy all and any organisational need.

From fun micro-blogs, to research driven, substantial whitepapers, and from infographics, to professionally produced videos; we’ll work with you to provide  the content to make your business thrive.

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