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Infographics: The content marketing tool you didn’t know you needed

Infographics are enjoying an astonishing resurgence as a content marketing tool. They have a history that goes back far longer than any other means of communicating information, and their modern expressions are now ubiquitous across websites and social media feeds of different organisations, across all sectors. We explain the reason for this resurgence, and why…

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Whitepapers: What they are and why your business needs them

Here, we take a look at the long-form marketing tool, the whitepaper. Used more and more across various sectors, it has become a key method of communicating brand and message. We start by exploring the whitepaper’s history before examining the types that exist, whether you should be publishing them, and if so, where you go…

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Blogs: What you need to know about your website’s secret weapon

A piece looking at the concept of corporate blogging. How it came about, the reasons companies blog, the role social media plays in furthering the messages contained within them, and why, if you’re not blogging, you really should be. There was a time that having a website meant little more than occupying and maintaining a…

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