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4 Reasons Lettings Agencies Need Content Marketing

In 2016, American marketing software company Curata, on the back of extensive research, revealed that 74% of companies claimed content marketing is increasing their marketing teams’ lead quality and quantity. The results of the study came as little shock to those familiar with the concept. There are those though still in the dark as to…

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5 Reasons to Rethink your Approach to Online Content

Here’s a question for those responsible for online communication and marketing: How could improving the quality of your website content generate profitable revenue for your business? If this is something you hadn’t really considered, here are five reasons that might get you thinking. What does your website say about you? Whether they’re professional procurers or…

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GDPR Checklist

GDPR is coming. On May 25th, the EU-wide data protection regulation becomes enforceable by law. Ignoring it is not an option, nor is taking a half-hearted approach to its rules. Aligning your data protection policies with the GDPR does more than simply shield your business from massive fines. It will give compliant companies a competitive…

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